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Meteor Transformation Coaching


Featuring: Natali Richardson

Aug 13, 2022

Meteor Transformation Coaching

On today's Colorado Business News Feature Article, we sit down with Natali Richardson, owner of Meteor Transformation Coaching, to share a little bit about how she got started and what makes her business unique.

Q. Can you start out by sharing a little bit about you and your business?

A. I’m Natalia, the owner of Meteor Transformation Coaching. I’m a women who for the last decade has become extremely passionate about how your habits and lifestyle impact every area of your life. I enjoy nature and life music. Weight lifting is my activity of choice! My Signature Transformation is all about creating self care systems, finding freedom in your relationship with food, healing and creating healthy boundaries. I’ve never not seen a persons life change from the inside out when they fully utilize this program. You deserve to go from burnt out to thriving and I am here to help!

Q. How did you get started?

A. I got started 3 years ago. I always known for awhile I was meant to be an entrepreneur and helping people better their lives was something deeply engrained in my heart. One day I decided to be brave and go for it! My business has grown and transformed adding more certifications and a deeper transformation as time has passed. I’m proud of where this business is today and can confidently say you will be transformed if you go all in.

Q. What makes your business unique?

A. My business takes a holistic approach to your health. The truest transformations stem from the mind and that’s where we start. You will not just learn how to prioritize yourself in these programs but you will learn the skills and mindset to create a long term lifestyle change. Whether it’s creating healthy boundaries and self care systems so you can fully embrace who you are or creating a healthy relationship with food and sustainable habits so you can enjoy reaching your goals and feel amazing doing it. Meteor Transformation Coaching is what you’re looking for.

Q. Can you share something about you, or your company, that most people might not know about?

A. My company helps men and women across the US, not just locally. I hope to expand in the next year into also hosting retreats for over all wellness.

Q. Now, I hear you have a special offer for our readers?

A. Yes. If you mention this article you will be given 10% off of your Transformation Package.

Q. It was a pleasure getting to learn a little bit more about you and your business. How can people find out more about you and your company?

A. You can contact me by phone, at:

(406) 839-4021


Or by filling out this form:


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